10 Worst Things About Summer

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  • 03 Aug, 2015

Summer Can Be A Bummer

10 Worst Things About Summer
10 Worst Things About Summer

Of course summer can be lots of fun but to be honest, it  is also accompanied by stuff I really don't like much such as:

  1. Bees - I hate bees mostly I hate the yellow jacket and wasp kind of bees that really seem to want to get me no matter what I am doing
  2. Weeds - The darn weeds grow everywhere. If you could win an award for thickest tallest weeds we would win but I've got them covered now - the natural way
  3. Ants and Mosquitos and the damn beetles are everywhere. I swear these bugs are all playing some insect game where whoever makes it into my house wins. Not cool. I hate mosquito bites and I spend April to October keeping ants as far away from my house and yard as possible. Not an easy task, there is never one ant. Ever. These guys really bug me.
  4. Sunburn - Sunburns are not cool. They hurt. They damage your skin and sun block to my face, neck and everywhere on my body is a definite summer requirement.
  5. Wet Towels - Yes, wet towels absolutely everywhere. We all use about two towels each, you know one to sit on even on lounge chairs, then one to dry off with and wrap around your shoulders. Lots of wet towels.
  6. Shorts and bathing suits - ready or not the heat is here and you may feel self conscious or underdressed, but you just have to go with it.
  7. Heat - remember all winter when you complained it was too cold - well now it's just too hot!
  8. Thunder and lightning storms can get seriously scary, especially when they pop up flooding streets and roadways, knocking out the power (no cable!), bringing down trees and even starting structure fires. 
  9. Electric bills are sky high because, well the air conditioner has to be running because, it's so hot out. Remember Winter when we said it was too cold, yeah.
  10. Muggy, humid uncomfortable weather that makes hair frizz and people grumpy, yeah that's a lot of fun. Not.

10 Worst Things About Summer
10 Worst Things About Summer

Summer is the season I love to hate. So many things about the time of year that I think makes it my favorite (OK that's another blog post titled: Best Things About Summer)

Yet there are at least 10 things I hate about summer. I can't wait until it's freezing cold and snowing just so I can miss summer again!

Do you have a favorite season or a complaint about summer, please share with us too!

Bonfire Designs Personalized Gifts

By bonfire designs 01 Jan, 2018

Celebrate For Life

Family favorite celebration drinks ready for party time. No matter what you are drinking, drink responsibly and please - never drink and drive. Let the celebrations last a long, long lifetime.

By bonfire designs 20 Nov, 2017

Beach In The Fall

The beach in the Fall is perfect. In Florida. I always loved the beach in every season before I moved down South but now I have discovered I must be solar powered. There is nothing like the ocean, the sand, the amazing sea shells, the sky, the overwhelming feeling that you can leave everything behind and just look out on the horizon that goes on forever..... for just a little while at least.
By bonfire designs 15 Nov, 2017
Fall brunch trays are our favorite especially on the weekends. Actually brunch trays on the weekend every season are our favorite. Halloween may be over but Fall is still going strong. Even here in the south, as opposed to up north in NJ we may not be celebrating the beautiful colors of leaves changing but we are happy to welcome temperatures no longer in the lava degrees of 90’s (feels like 107°!), palm trees swaying with store bought beautiful Fall Mums placed under them, pumpkins and autumn displays in the garden and in the house and of course, baking and cooking everything pumpkin we can.
By bonfire designs 08 Nov, 2017

Birthday party time is fun for kids and for grown ups. You are never too old or too young to feel special on your birthday and everyone should. From elaborate parties to hanging at home with friends and family it's the spirit of the day - the day you were born that should be filled with smiles, cheers, cake and awesome birthday balloons, happy birthday signs, plates and napkins. Oh and presents who doesn't love birthday presents!

By bonfire designs 29 Oct, 2017
Happy National Cat Day there is also a fun National Cat Month but the truth is every day is cat day in our home. There are truly no better best friends than our cats. Loving but independent. Patient but outspoken when they choose to be. Comforting with a purr. Always looking at you so wisely. Well unless they are napping and they are always up for a nap.

Our cats are our family. All of them are rescues and we mean that in somewhere they found us and that makes us very lucky. Mimi from a rescue family, Sammy from a backyard, Charli abandoned under a dirty loading dock, Rocky stuck in a pile of bricks and rocks, Bruno from a cage, and beautiful Smokey also from a backyard and we love them all so much. Every rescue, every unexpected meow meow here I am I've been waiting for you means so much to our family and so much to all of them.

Kiss and hug your cats. Adopt don't shop for cats and kittens there are so many beautiful lives waiting for you to become your best friend too! Happy Meows Everyone. Share The Love.

Our dogs are our best friends I didn't ever mean to leave them out and they love their cat brothers and sisters too! Read more about why Pets Are Our Best Friends Here
By bonfire designs 27 Oct, 2017
There are a lot of reasons pets are our family and our best friends all of them from the heart. I don't call just anyone my friend and I definitely reserve the special title of best friend for those who really get me, would do anything for me and I would do the same for them. That's why pets are our best friends.

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