National Pets Month

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National Pet Month

National Pet Month is celebrated in May every year to promote loving, responsible pet ownership, pet adoption and the chance to celebrate our cats and dogs, birds and bunny rabbits that bring so much joy to our lives.  Our pets are family members that share with us love, joy, loyalty and companionship every single day.  Pets deserve a holiday and we know you love them like that every day.

PetFinder Adopt Don't Shop For Love
A really great place to start is at
 This amazing pet adoption guide is online and all you have to do is search for your new family member. Search by type of pet dogs, cats, guinea pigs, horses, birds, all the little babies and animals of every age waiting for you to find them.  Search by location, by shelter, by age or even by male or female.  Their site is filled with everything you ever wanted to know about adoptions, caring for new pets and tons of links to everything else you may be looking for.  
  With Love For Our Pets
Adopting Dogs and Cats
Making the decision to adopt a dog or cat is a really big responsibility and it is a great idea to be prepared.  A lot of great animal shelters, rescue organizations and the animal welfare websites as well as Veternarians can really provide a lot of information to help you choose just the right pet for your family.
Choosing whether you want to adopt a kitten or puppy, a pet a little older than a baby or a wonderful senior dog or cat just waiting for their furever home is a big decision.  Different cat and dog breeds have different personalities and needs, just as your family does.
I am also a huge fan of the wonderful pet organizations who shelter their animals with foster families, they are so loved and the foster pet care giver can really tell you about each pet. Whether they get along with children, other dogs and cats and really guide you so that your new loving family member is as happy as you are.
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