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    Personalized Gift Shops is our personal branch of Bonfire Designs dedicated to bringing you the joy of Holiday gifts and gift ideas for Christmas, Jewish Holidays, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Mother's Day, Fathers Day and everyday you need a personalized, unique present. Holidays are fun and shopping for great gifts should be too!

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    Personalized Gifts: Gift Ideas And T-Shirts

  • Shop For Holiday Gifts, Birthday Presents and Gift Ideas For Special Occasions

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    Bonfire Designs features personalized gifts for every holiday and special occasion.  Life is about family, friends, work, laughing and crying, loving and sharing.  We believe it is your life and it should be personal.

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    Gifts of Love are the most important reminder at this New Year of how lucky we are. Family, friends, hope and faith. Resolutions are made, promises to yourself to try something different, make positive changes in your life. Some easy to keep, some impossible. Hold tight to family, to holidays and traditions. The more things change, the more they stay the same when the gifts of love fill your heart all year long.

Some Of My Favorite Things
Some of My Favorite Things 
Along With Designing And Playing Around On The Computer This Is Probably What I Will Be Up To! I have learned that life is all about love, family and being happy with who you are so smile!
Firefighter and Captain Proud and Strong 20 Years Of Firefighting
Firefighter and Captain Of The Fire Dept 
For Almost 20 years, EMS for almost 10 years prior to that. Check out some of my firefighting photo experiences by clicking the photo above.
Cats Are Family Too
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