Cats Are Family

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With Love For Our Pets

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Our Cats Have Trained Us Well!

My cats run the house. Really they are the bosses. They have us very well trained. We have learned to pet on demand, feed and give them plenty of water in the particular bowls that they love. We change their litter daily so as not to offend them.
They let us love them and nurture them. When they decide! They also let us hang out with them on the couch while we watch TV and most nights they will even share the blankets and pillows on our bed with us.

Come on in and meet my family cat crew. Introducing (from left to right) Mimi, Charli and Sammy. Our three babies that adopted us.  

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We love our dogs, cats and pets that are part of our family and close to our hearts and really understand like so many of you what they mean to us day in and day out.  How do my cats always know when I'm needing that warm cuddling love on my lap after a long day or just look at me with love when I'm needing that smile the most.  Click on the photo below to learn more about how our three fur babies rescued us and every link in the pictures below to shop personalized jewelry, apparel, home decor and gift ideas.  
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